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As an executive,

are you having trouble

managing ... ?

^100managing your product?

^100managing your team?

^100getting results?

We can help :)

Hello There

We Are Jikken.co

Jikken.co is an agency focusing on Product Management services.

  1. We help companies and individuals with early-stage ideas to develop and prototype them into sustainable products.
  2. We provide hands on coaching and consulting for product teams helping them to get more results and scale in an healthy way.
  3. We get our hands dirty, by acting as part time chief product officer to bring product experience and leadership to your team and get results faster.
If you are a product based company, get in touch with us and have a chat. That simple.

Christophe Routhieau, founder jikken.co

What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business


We help building sustainable business by delivering product that solve valuable customer problems and identify strongest opportunities for success.


We help your team identify and implement a repeatable product management process that ensures you are delivering the right products in the right timeframe and with the right resources.


We help individuals to maximize their leadership potential by leveraging strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and addressing key organizational initiatives.

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77140 Nemours, France

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